Welcome to Ideal Furniture

At Ideal Furniture we believe that Furniture should serve to make life easier and more comfortable. Your furniture is what will turn your house into a home. A home should be an extension of yourself, choosing the right furniture to shape its character and create a warm atmosphere. Ideal furniture can give you what you are looking for.

Event Club Malta is the gateway to hosting elite events and exclusive travel to Malta.

We strive to deliver high standards of quality and value to our customers. We work closely to our customers to understand their wishes and needs and offer them the desired service, that meets their ultimate expectations.

We treat each event attentively as a bespoke project irrespective of budget and dimension. In action, we are always in control and use every situation as a learning experience and enjoy every moment of the experience.

We are hands-on, tranquil and happy people, dedicated and passionate about every event we manage. These are the qualities that make us different from the rest.